Managed Cloud

We strive to ensure your business is getting the most value out of your cloud environment. Atlasticity’s customer-driven support plans allow companies to select the level of support that fits their unique business structure and needs. Our scalable, cost-effective support options empowers your company to receive the most value from your cloud environment.

Focus on business initiatives to drive your company forward with the backing of the industry leading cloud provider, certified AWS Architects, tenured business analysts, and experienced technical support team.

Make Atlasticity you’re trusted Managed Cloud team

Companies that partner with Atlasticity on their AWS Cloud journey realize the freedom, security, and flexibility of adopting modern technology practices. The business risk is too high for traditional IT practices due to lean IT teams, blind spots, and manual processes. 
Poorly maintained environments leave businesses susceptible to unexpected downtime, data loss, data breaches, and reduced productivity. Atlasticity effectively packages tools, automation, and expertise to deliver monitoring, management, maintenance, and continuous cloud and cost optimization.

AWS Well Architected Reviews are provided as a part of Managed Cloud service on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis providing peace of mind that your cloud environment is secure, future proof, and cost optimized.


These metrics are continually measured, analyzed, presented, and acted upon.

Operational Excellence



Performance Efficiency

Cost Optimization

AWS Managed Cloud Services


Critical to your supporting your Amazon Web Services environment is 24x7x365 monitoring. Atlasticity integrates their enterprise software to gain total visibility into your cloud environment. Your dedicated team leverages a suite of tools with deep and broad insights, that gives your business shorter time to resolution to keep your people and operations productive, and a healthy cloud environment.


Any IT infrastructure needs to be closely managed to ensure applications and services are high performing for your business. Atlasticity’s cloud operations team leverages best in class tools to manage your AWS cloud services running at optimal performance for your customers and employees.


Consistent maintenance of your security and software patching, updates, configurations, and backup are essential for a reliable and resilient cloud. Atlasticity’s Cloud Operations Team offload tasks for your business ensuring resources are available, healthy, and exceed performance expectations.

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Atlasticity’s Managed Cloud stands out from the crowd with superior value to your business. Atlasticity provides insights and expertise to lower costs with our continuous improvement methodology.

We integrate as a part of your team   

Atlasticity provides reporting, recommendations, and decades of consulting expertise to lower costs with a continuous improvement methodology.

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) provides advocacy and helps plan solutions using best practices, assists with case management, insight on AWS cost control, and proactively keeps your AWS environment healthy.

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