Save Time on Your Cloud Strategy

and Aligning Your Team

Here at Atlasticity, we talk with business & IT leaders daily.

We spoke with CTOs, CIOs and IT Directors about what the most difficult part about their cloud strategy business case is and a few common questions emerged.


“What does my team need to be ready for the cloud?” – James, VP Technology

“Which cloud platform is right for my workload and business?” – Sarah, CTO

“We need to maintain some proprietary systems on premise. How do we integrate them with cloud resources?” – Gordon, IT Director

Business Case Kit Includes:

  • Cap EX vs Op EX
  • Migration Evaluator
  • Presentation
  • How to Fund Your Project

We understand the importance of getting your executive team, your team, and department leaders on the same page to support the company’s cloud strategy. That’s why we’ve consolidated these powerful resources as a blueprint to help you effectively create and communicate your strategy across the organization – including proactively answering the most common questions that will arise.

Three things to consider in your presentation:

  • Are you confident in the content
  • Are you telling a compelling story that aligns to business initiatives
  • Are you ready to answer questions

What your communication should cover:

  • Why we need to do this
  • Who is impacted
  • What are the risks of not acting

Top questions to be prepared for:

  • How long will this project take?
  • What resources are needed?
  • Do we have the expertise to manage this?
  • What is the total cost to adopt & operate?

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