Migrate Your Existing Applications to the AWS Cloud

Cloud Migrations are the process of moving a company’s digital systems from an on premises or co-location, to modern cloud Infrastructure.

We analyze your unique workloads and brings the right migration tools to ensure your data migration path is optimized. Let Atlasticity help make migrating your existing applications to the AWS cloud a success for your operation.

Sample Migration Plan

Full Migrations

The existing complete environment is migrated and the legacy datacenter is retired. Partial or hybrid migrations are performed when select portions of workloads are migrated in stages.


(lift and shift)

The legacy infrastructure is fully replicated in the cloud environment.

Often, Rehosting is a first stage to an overall migration strategy that helps reduce the learning curve within your team if they are not familiar with cloud based infrastructure. Once the existing environment is migrated to AWS and the comfort level increases, further optimization to the environment can often help realize the full potential of the AWS cloud.


Similar to a lift and shift strategy, yet some elements may be changed or optimized. For example, a database may be changed to managed hosting in RDS rather than on a self-managed server. Migration to SaaS platforms like a native cloud logging, analytics, or CMS platform may be part of a re-platforming strategy.

Data Migration and Data Integration to native AWS services that are different from what was used on premise are often a way to see the benefits of the AWS cloud early in the process.


A partial or complete system replacement from a more monolithic infrastructure to a decoupled or microservices based architecture. Often, re-architecture involves adoption of cloud-native services like serverless technologies to gain the most benefit and agility from cloud services.

Re-architecture migrations can be the most complex, but are also usually where the most benefits of an AWS cloud migration are achieved. Whether that is with cost reduction, increased agility and feature deployment, or both.

Whatever your strategy, each requires careful planning.

Atlasticity will create a detailed migration plan customized for your unique workloads and requirements.

Sample Migration Plan

Accurately plan and budget your AWS costs and build in scaling models that account for your specific requirements. Avoid the expensive costs of overprovisioning resources in anticipation of peak scaling needs before you need them.

Migrate faster by utilizing our expertise to help fill in skill gaps and avoid the unknown.

AWS offers over 200 services and products. Let us be your expert to help with your complex and unique needs.

Get a detailed licensing analysis of your workloads to understand your options and how it can impact costs.

Whether that be Microsoft workloads or an application with unique licensing requirements, let us help you understand any licensing changes you need to be prepared for and how it fits into your migration strategy.

Our CART – Cloud Adoption Readiness Assessment Tool will give you confidence in the success of your project by providing a clear plan for each phase of your migration. The goal is to avoid surprises and reduce risk within your project plan, that happens with incomplete planning, inexperience, and unknowns.

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