Cloud environments are rarely static, and AWS is continuously improving and deploying new services. Optimization becomes a continuous process rather than a reactive event.

We provide EVERY customer access to CloudCheckr, a cloud resource insights tool that gives visibility to your AWS infrastructure and helps you lower costs, maintain security and compliance, and optimize your resources. Plus, a 30 minute monthly call with our AWS and CloudCheckr experts to help you get the most out of the reporting and dashboards.

Atlasticity runs a continual optimization cycle

The advantages are:

More continual improvements to availability and uptime, and introducing cost-optimization opportunities.

Infrastructure instances are constantly becoming better, faster, and cheaper.

Our extensive tools help identify cost-optimization strategies and pinpoint inefficient or unused resources.

Streamline your cloud infrastructure by adopting more cloud native technologies such as serverless or Atlasticity Managed Cloud

Make major gains with you team’s efficiency by optimizing your cloud infrastructure. Optimization efforts that directly impact your cloud infrastructure allow you to optimize your team. Stop worrying about managing servers and instead, focus on your applications.

Implement cost attribution tagging to directly track your AWS spend and allocate accurately.

We can perform periodic cost optimization reviews to help you lower costs and streamline your operations.

A core foundation of cloud computing is elasticity. Unlike on-premise workloads, you only pay for cloud computing resources when you use them. However, you need an automated mechanism, like AWS auto-scaling, to manage both adding instances when your workload needs to scale up to meet demand, as well as scale down when your workload is light during off-peak hours. Optimize your environment to adapt your workloads directly to your resource needs.

Retiring aging, capital-intensive technology with a flexible operating model that scales with your business, is a critical part of the transformation opportunity. Organizations that have adopted a cloud strategy are more attractive to buyers for the cash flow, flexibility, resiliency, and potential speed to merge systems.

Leverage Atlasticity’s insights and optimization strategies.