Windows Workloads

Hosting workloads longer that any other public cloud provider, AWS is the proven leader for Windows in the cloud

Business Workloads Uninterrupted

Running Windows on AWS is a requirement for many business when migrating to the AWS Cloud. When selecting a cloud provider IT leaders need assurances their recommendation will continually meet the uptime requirements of todays modern businesses. With 5x more services, 2x higher SQL performance, and 2x more regions with multiple availability zones, Windows on AWS is the clear choice over the next largest cloud provider.

Superior Security

Over 230 security, compliance, and governance services including OCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, and NIST 800-171. With the largest ecosystem of security partners businesses running Windows on AWS can continue to protect their data, application, employees, and customers with industry leading 3rd party security solution providers.

Geographically Diverse 

77 availability zones across 24 regions ensures highly available resources for organizations with a global reach. Moving Windows workloads to AWS businesses can achieve a 98% reduction in unplanned downtime with 71% faster deployments, per IDC. AWS provides 5x more services than the next largest cloud provider so as businesses evolve robust AWS services will always meet the needs of organizations large or small.

Flexible IT – Flexible Costs 

Windows on AWS enable organizations to lower costs with more choices. Flexible licensing programs including pay as you go, licenses migration, and the ability to utilize AWS License Manager to centrally manage software licenses on-premises or the cloud. With unique pricing models including Savings Plans, Amazon EC2 Spot, and Reserved Instances businesses can lower TCO by reducing 5-year cost of operations by 56% per IDC.

Desktop as A Service

Desktop as A Service (DaaS) for Windows Workloads on AWS are increasingly being adopted by organizations to meet the needs of a mobile and geographically disbursed workforce. AWS Workspace delivers a secure, responsive, and simplified desktop delivery process ensuring all employees can work where and where ever they may be.


The risk of corporate data loss has increased in today’s hybrid work model as users connect to Windows applications, documents, secure employee information,  and customer data from a wide range of disparate locations. Amazon Workspaces is deployed in the Amazon Virtual Private Network (VPC) ensuring end users access persistent and encrypted storage volumes in the AWS cloud. User data is not stored on the local device which drastically increases the endpoint attack surface.

Centrally Manage & Deliver endpoint security, compliance, and remote access in a flexible and scalable method to disbursed workforce. You can easily scale to any number of users across the globe without acquiring, provisioning, and operating hardware or infrastructure. You pay either monthly or hourly and only for the WorkSpaces you launch.


Budgeting endpoint hardware purchases has always been a tricky proposition for IT departments and more often than not leads to the over overbuying of assets. The procurement, imaging, and rollout of laptops and desktops is just not a good use of time for today’s time strapped IT departments. Extending the life of these assets by utilizing the Amazon WorkSpaces pay as you go pricing model minimizes long term commitments and upfront licensing costs.

Amazon FXs for Windows file server

Fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system that provides shared file storage including full support for the SMB protocol and Windows NTFS, and Active Directory integration.

Built on Windows Server that provides many administrative tools, native SMB protocol, and a fully compliant shared files storage.

Fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system that provides shared file storage including full support for the SMB protocol and Windows NTFS, and Active Directory integration.

Administrators no longer have to set up file servers, patching, backups, or replicating data with AWS Management Console, CLI, and SDK capabilities. 

Amazon FSx provides a consistent file experience for information workers to access their data quickly and in a familiar environment even in the cloud.

AWS Directory Services

Managed Microsoft Active Directory in the AWS Cloud for organizations that rely on Active Directory for identity and access management and want close integration with your existing infrastructure.

AWS Directory Services are built on Microsoft AD which allows a multitude of application integrations without the requirement to replicate from existing Active Directory environments.

Group Policy, Single Sign On, and the standard set of administration tools allow IT Professionals to easily manage RDS For SQL Server, EC2 instances, and end user computing.

Extending your exiting Active Directory domains to AWS is simple and secure making migrations to the AWS Cloud a breeze.

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