Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions expedite business growth, enable competitive advantage, and can secure the very existence for some organizations. Going through this experience with Atlasticity is also an opportunity to optimize processes and become more dynamic with internal restructuring or the consolidation of departments and resources. 

We have found that strategically planning and implementing the associated change processes can be challenging even for experienced managers. Companies often underestimate the complexity of corporate mergers, especially at the start of corporate transformations. 


We are in a time of radical digital change. The success of a merger or the acquisition of new business units increasingly depends on early IT integration. IT infrastructure, data and processes need to be merged and adjusted to the new business model as effectively as possible. The goal is to minimize the interruption of business-critical systems and to optimize the synergies of the organizations. 

Cloud technology enables executives to leverage the opportunity to transform their cost structure and capabilities. The strategy to retire aging, capital-intensive technology with a flexible operating model that scales up or down as business needs require, is a critical part of the transformation opportunity. Organizations that have adopted a cloud strategy are more attractive to buyers for the cash flow, flexibility, resiliency, and potential speed to merge systems.

Whether proactive or retroactive, consult with Atlasticity on your next business move