Machine Learning advances your business outcomes

  • Every business regardless of size can now access the power of Machine Learning and AI capabilities powered by a robust set of services available on AWS. Accessible by Developers, Data Professionals,  Infrastructure Architects, and even business leaders, Machine Learning built on AWS is the choice for business innovation.

Machine Learning & AI Capabilities

Adding intelligence to dynamic applications requires no machine learning skills empowering business initiatives directly from the front lines. With AWS Artificial Intelligence applications can pivot to meet the needs automatically of your most important assets, your customers. With Business Forecasting, Intelligent Search, and Personalization business executives will find the data when they need it and how they need it the first time, every time.

AWS Machine Learning services like SageMaker allow you to quickly build, train, and deploy machine learning models. Artificial Intelligence services like CodeGuru, Lex, or Rekognition simplify adding intelligence to your existing applications. Guide your machine learning journey with Atlasticity by leveraging AWS’s comprehensive catalog of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence tools and services.

With automated data extraction and analysis streamline document processing from millions of documents while reducing burden on your staff. Analyze unstructured text and extract insights from many to many relationships with natural language processing.

Finding your most expensive code is literally like finding a needle in a haystack even for the most experienced DevOps professionals. Amazon DevOps Guru empowers these professionals with the toolbox to find, diagnose, and remediate unwanted runtime behavior of applications.

Detecting abnormal machine behavior is critical for industrial based business to maintain product quality, operational efficiencies, and a healthy bottom line. Services like Amazon Monitron, lookout, and Panorama ensure industrial equipment performs as expected with the greatest level of efficiency possible.

Executives can no longer rely on static financial documents to make time sensitive business decisions. In today’s economy financial metrics must be acted upon instantaneously with accurate models on Amazon Forecast.  Equally as important is to detect anomalies in financial metrics such as revenue performance, customer retention rate, and identify the root cause for quickest resolution possible.

Just getting started with AI or ML?

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