Internet of Things

Leaders can now make real time, data driven decisions by accessing data anytime, anywhere. Discover opportunities to reduce waste in processes and improve your bottom line.

Multi-Layered Security

Connect, analyze, and secure your devices and data. 

Broad & Deep

Deploy AWS IoT services at the edge and in the cloud.

Secure & Scale

 Scale to billions of devices and virtually unlimited data volumes. 

Advance AI

Integrate with AWS AI tools for comprehensive solutions and platforms.

Atlasticity makes it easy to deploy and manage IoT solutions at any scale. Edge services like FreeRTOS and Greengrass provide secure microcontroller operating systems as well as local compute, caching, data synchronization, and machine learning inference on your local devices. In the cloud, AWS IoT services make it simple to interact with, secure, organize, and monitor your IoT device fleet.

In addition to services designed to help you manage and deploy your fleet of IoT devices, you also need to make strategic use of the data they provide. This is often where the power of the AWS cloud can truly shine in your IoT environment. Analyze and extract additional value from your IoT data with a comprehensive suite of analytics and machine learning services. AWS IoT Analytics, AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Events, and AWS IoT Things Graph can help you make the full use of your rich IoT datasets. Let Atlasticity help you make powerful use of your IoT fleet and data to help you achive the fullest potential for your business.