Cloud Application Development

Grow revenue, increase workforce efficiencies and business agility

Todays modern Information Technology Departments need to be more agile than ever before in supporting business initiatives and more importantly be an integral part of executing these initiatives. Experienced IT leaders are well aware of the stability of the AWS Cloud Platform and that developing cloud applications on AWS is typically the preferred destination of application developers. At Atlasticity we work closely with our customers development teams by providing proven designs to assist in building resilient, best practices driven cloud infrastructure to host their cloud applications. Security is woven into everything we do at Atlasticity and it is imperative that business not only build their applications with agility in mind, but also ensure the infrastructure supporting these applications are secured.

Develop with Agility

Atlasticity clients leverage AWS Cloud to run enterprise applications in a scalable, secure, and easily accessible environment. Powering information workers in today’s business is a priority for executives and providing agile applications are essential to empowering a mobile workforce. Designing, deploying, and managing business critical applications are essential tasks for all IT departments and partnering with a proven partner like  Atlasticity will assist in accelerating these tasks.


Free up expensive resources and your IT department’s time by partnering with Atlasticity. Using AWS, Atlasticity can manage your enterprise applications, providing a safe, secure, and cost-effective platform that can scale on demand. Atlasticity provides Managed Cloud Services the allows IT Departments to focus on business strategies leaving the care and feeding of their application infrastructure to trained, certified, and experienced experts.

Lead with Security   

AWS deploys five times more encryption services than any other cloud service provider does. Atlasticity strives to protect your most critical application services from Cryptojacking, DDoS Attacks, Malware, and botnets. At Atlasticity we firmly believe that security needs to be a multi-layered approach and with that belief in mind we have partnered with some of the most respected security companies in the industry like Valtix and Bound Planet. We ensure that each layer of security is designed, built, and deployed with our customers best intertest in mind from the very start.

Expedite your Migration 

With Atlasticity on your side, streamline your migration journey so you can go to market faster and with agility. Streamlined application development practices lower the cost, complexity, and time to market. Expediting application migrations is easier said then done and most IT Teams are already stretched to the breaking point. Partnering with Atlasticity allows businesses to have our experienced team lead application migrations from begging to end for the quickest route to Go Live Day.

Business Applications  

Atlasticity will support your adoption with AWS productivity applications like WorkSpaces, WorkMail, and WorkDocs.

These applications integrate with your workflows enabling a seamless workday experience for users. More than ever providing a secure, consistent, and responsive WorkSpace to remote employees is top of mind for business leaders. AWS WorkSpaces is an industry leading platform that provides all of these needs while working with Atlasticity to design and deploy will accelerate the time to production.

Application Integration  

We offer a suite of services that enable communication between decoupled components within microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. No need to refactor entire architecture to benefit. Decoupling your applications at any scale can reduce the impact of changes, making it easier to update and faster to release new features. Applications do not need to live in a closed environment anymore and most are able to take advantage of serverless platforms that lowest cost, complexity, and reduce ongoing management costs.

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