Analytics and Data Lakes

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Atlasticity deploys native AWS Cloud Data Lakes and Data Warehouse services to help you gain insight from your unstructured data sets. Understanding big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), high-performance computing (HPC) and media data processing streams will make your company more efficient and adaptive.


Data Lakes store relational data from business applications, IoT endpoints, mobiles applications and non relational data sets. With AWS Data Lakes the time intensive and costly structuring of data is unnecessary, future proofing your investment as your data injection points change. Analytics can be run on SQL, big data, machine learning, and text search with real time analytics.

Data Warehouses are databases that are optimized to analyze relational data from transactional systems and applications. The data structure and schema must be defined to optimize queries for operational reporting and analysis. At any scale clean data your company can trust in is essential for accurate analytics

Getting started can be the hardest part, but Atlasticity services and guidance make it easy for businesses of any size to leverage the value of their most essential data.

Precision business intelligence requires high performance queries on semi-structured data which can scale into petabytes to support todays largest data lakes. With powerful reports and dashboards getting the right data in real time to business leaders is now simple while also being cost effective for any organization.

AWS automates time consuming tasks so you can easily scale your data lakes to grow to meet the data needs of the business or retract for maximum return on investment. Amazon S3 is the best place for data lakes with unmatched durability, availability, and scalability. With object level controls and more ways to bring in data Amazon RedShift and S3 power the most dynamic data lakes on the market.

Operational Analytics assist management in finding, researching, and re-architecting business workflows and the technologies that support them.  Visualize your data with application monitoring, log analytics and click stream analytics

Running complex analytic queries against traditional data sets is a challenging task for even the most experienced data scientists. Amazon Redshift provides fast, simple, and cost effective data warehousing with straightforward tools simple enough to be used by information workers as well as powerful enough for the most experienced data miners.

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